Athens, Greece

ENABLEH2 will be presented at the 9th EASN Conference. The session will be held on 5 September from 10.00 – 12.00 in Room 2.


  • Enabling Cryogenic Hydrogen-Based CO2-free Air Transport (ENABLEH2) by Dr Bobby Sethi, Cranfield University
  • Hydrogen – A Clean Fuel: “Ultra-low NOx Hydrogen Micromix Combustion Systems for LH2-fuelled aircraft” by Dr. Xiaoxiao Sun, Cranfield University
  • Benefits of ENABLEH2 Numerical and Experimental Hydrogen Micromix Combustion Research for the Stationary Gas Turbine Industry by Prof. Pierre Gauthier, Siemens
  • Hydrogen – Enabling a Safe Fuel: “Safety Challenges and Opportunities for LH2-fuelled aircraft and Supporting Infrastructure” by Dr. Claire M. Benson, London South Bank University
  • Integration of Cryogenic Hydrogen Fuel and Propulsion Systems for Commercial Aviation by Mr. Isak Jonsson; Chalmers University of Technology
  • Hydrogen – A Technically Feasible and Sustainable Fuel: “Technology Evaluation of LH2-Fuelled Aircraft” by Dr. Askin T. Isikveren, Safran Tech.

The Agenda of the conference is available here.